Spread The Word

It would definitely be uncomfortable carrying a brick for an entire mile. But think how much easier it would be if 100 people stretched out across that mile and handed off the brick to the next person in line.

If you know of anyone who has the heart of a champion, loves adventure and would love the opportunity to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, saving dozens of lives in every step, please pass along information to them about the climb as well as our website.

Even in you yourself can’t make the climb, you can still be part of this team and help us save lives simply by using your social networking skills to get the word out! Text it! Email it! Twitter and Facebook it! Or how about just good old fashioned word of mouth!

One person has to first pick up the brick before it starts down the line! Let this one person be you…let’s get as many as we can to make this monumental climb, drill as many water wells as we possibly can…and save numerous lives! Thanks for being part of this team!

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