Kili Climb 2013 – Day 8

Tuesday January 15
Today we climbed higher into the alpine desert as we left Rongai Cave 3 for Kibo Hut. The climb was just over 2500 feet and took right at 4.5 hours.

We stopped frequently for rest breaks. The higher we got the fewer rocks and bushes to shield us during those breaks. Well, we worked out a good system of girls to right, guys to left!

We saw Kibo Hut from around 40 minutes away. The energy level intensified. At no point other than day 1 and part of day 2 has Kili been hidden from our view.

Upon arrival to Kibo, we signed in. There are a few who aren’t feeling well, side effects of medication mostly. We prayed for them, had lunch around 2:30 pm. Then to our tents for a rest. Dinner at 5, back to tents to rest, up at 11pm, and head up to Gillman’s around midnight.

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