Kili Climb 2013 – Day 7

Monday 14 January
The night was very cold. When we woke up there was ice on the ground. After our traditional breakfast of porridge, toast, eggs, and green peppers with carrots, we measured everyone pulse and oxygen levels (something we do twice a day). Everyone was doing well.

We took off for Rongai Cave Three, which is at 12,935Ft. As the temperature was freezing when we woke up, most of us had on warm layers. We weren’t but 40minutes into the climb that we stopped to have a break to remove layers.

The trek today took us up a very steep incline at the beginning and end, but in-between it was a nice steady sloop (nice, but at 12,000 Ft, certainly not easy).

The entire day we had a full view of the eastern sloop of Kilimanjaro. It certainly inspired those in the group who are goal setters-wanting to play with the end game in mind. As we rose above the clouds, we could see straight through over Kenya.

We made camp on gravel-shale, a pleasant change from the mud of our last camp. However, in the early afternoon, with sun beating down, it was 87 degrees in our tents.

In the late afternoon we took another hike, going up to right near 13,500Ft, again for a acclimatization purposes. The view was absolutely breath taking.
We stayed up on this crest for about an hour. Five of the guys went with us (of course). John Bongiorno ask them to sing, so the last 10 minutes of hiking they sang. Once we go to the top, they sang traditional Masai songs for another 15-20minutes. Really a fun entertaining time.

After taking a considerable amount of time to acclimatize, the sun starting sitting behind Kili and as the evening drew the temperature dropped drastically. Needless to say, we made it down in approximately half the time it took to hike up.

Not sure if I will have any ability to blog again tomorrow. We make our way to Kivo Hut where the temperature in the end of the day will be in the 20 degree range. After a short rest, we will start the trek to the rim of the crater (Gillnam’s Point) around midnight our time. From there we attempt to summit at Uhuru.

We are all in good spirits, a few stiff muscle and joints, but we are excited to proceed. Pray for us and wish us well
as we climb for clean water.

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