Kili Climb 2013 – Day 6

After dinner last night most everyone headed to bed as a light rain descended on the camp. You can hear the murmur of voices as everyone settles in to their Mountain Hardware tents, ready for sleep and a 6 am wake up call.

Upon waking, we are greeted by a porter who comes to our tent with yea and coffee. Then time to clean up, pack up, and head to breakfast. Though we came as several different groups, the common cause of clean & living water, as well as summiting Kili has really drawn us together. Today we climbed 2600 feet to our second camp.

The rain returned as we geared up at 7:45, a light mist at first, turning into a heavier rain than back to a mist that stayed with us until we made camp.

Once again we were met by songs from the team. After a 2 hour rest, we went for an afternoon hike. Mountaineers say to hike high, and then sleep at a lower altitude for acclimatization. So in essence, the afternoon hike accomplished this. Several of the team indicated they were too tired for the afternoon hike, but after the short rest the sun came out and we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the mountain. Spirits were high as we took the hike, then stopped and took a short rest before heading back. A few were able to get cell service and get a text back to family and even check Saturday football results.

We miss you all. We are all doing great. See you soon. In the meantime, pray for us and wish us well as we climb for clean water.

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