Kili Climb 2013 – Day 10

Thursday 17 January
This morning, however, was different. Everyone was excited and ready to roll. Though not 100% by our standards at home, we were all feeling really well for the most part. We took a group picture then headed in for breakfast, and off for our 12 mile hike through the rain forest. Once there, our plan will be to take the bus ride to the hotel for a night, where we all trust there is PLENTY of hot water. We are certain that a hot shower will never have felt so good.

Unless there are issues or exciting news, this will be our final update. Thank you Adventure International, Ake and his team. You are an excellent and highly recommended outfitter.

We miss our families and friends back home, and cannot wait to get back to see you. At the same time, this trip has bonded us together in a way that is not easy to describe. Kili Climb Team 2013- we will miss each other. Thank you for your friendship, your encouragement, and your love for the people of East Africa.

I’ll pray for you and wish you well as you continue to help bring both clean and Living Water to the world.

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