Climb Day 3

Today was full. If we were not awake already, our guide, Simon, gave us a wake up call at 5:45am. Though the morning air at Shira Camp was cold, the skies had cleared to reveal the beautiful scenery that surrounded us.

At 7:45am we made our behind schedule exit from camp for our ascent to the Lava Tower at over 15,000 ft. We hiked for five hours before stopping for lunch at an elevation of approximately 14,800 ft. After lunch, we encountered some of the most challenging terrain we had experienced thus far, and the weather complicated the situation with a quick dip in temperatures and freezing rain.

At the Lava Tower we experienced spectacular views as the clouds cleared, if only for a few moments. Then it was time for our descent into Barranco Camp at an elevation of 12,700ft. Though it was nice to go downhill for a while, the day’s 9.3 mile hike left our team fatigued. Tonight we will get some much needed rest in preparation for our departure at early dawn tomorrow morning.

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