Climb Day 2

We just completed the 2nd full day of the Kili Climb and everyone was more than ready to get some fresh clothes on and have some dinner and a warm drink. Today’s trek was 7 hours up some very steep and rocky trails, some of which were against rock walls on the right with steep drop-offs on the left. We ascended above the rain forest, through the alpine region and into an area called the moorlands. We left the Mechame Camp this morning, which is at 9,650 feet, and climbed to an elevation of 12,498 feet at the Shira Camp, which offered us an incredible view of both the Kili summit and a beautiful sunset behind some very picturesque mountain peaks.

Fortunately every member of the team made a safe passage and had enough strength to complete the day’s hike. We have an excellent lead tour guide, Simon, and 9 other very accomplished Tanzanian guides (Samuel, Jacob, Noah, Geoffrey, Solomon, Moody, Titos, Jackson & Markos) who all help regulate our progress throughout the day. They space themselves out among our team to make sure those with varying strength and energy levels keep a pace that is correct for their bodies, and they keep check on people who may be developing blisters, altitude sickness or need first aid attention in some other way.

We have an 8-hour climb tomorrow that takes us up to the base of the summit, so the team is anxious to get a good night’s rest before our 5:45 am wake up call. Pray for our strength and protection!

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