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Personal Facts: I'm a part of this climb because I've had the opportunity to go to East Africa several times and have seen firsthand the desperate need for water in hundreds, even thousands of villages. I've also seen the awesome results in a community when they have received a well - hope is awakened! A village is completely transformed when there's access to clean water and a renewed hope for living. Attitude, outlook, vision, initiative, creativity, morale, socialization, spirituality is all elevated to another level, and every endeavor is made effective and more successful.

I also love the fact that we're doing something challenging and adventurous in tackling this huge problem. Every day is a struggle and adventure for the Africa people to just survive, so it's fitting that this climb will challenge us and take everything within us to accomplish the task.

Note: Kristian is a missionary-evangelist, independent recording artist, producer and international worship leader. Over the last 20 years he has ministered in 45 of the United States and in 25 different countries, leading worship, ministering in music with his wife, Shannon, teaching on worship, mentoring worship leaders and training church worship teams. Kristian’s efforts have centered around East Africa the past several years and he has a passion for helping bridge the need for clean water in villages with the need for the Living Water. He works with World Serve as a church relations liaison.

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