Irene Rollins


Irene Rollins


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Personal Facts: Irene personifies passion for Africa. Born in Zambia, she will do anything to reach out to the needy in Africa. Little wonder she is willing to climb the heights of the earth to provide thousands with clean water supply. She is married to Jimmy, and they both pastor i5 Church in Odenton Maryland with a core mission to reach out to meet the needs of their surrounding community. Irene will be climbing with a good friend, Cindy Zello, her mentor and ministry friend, who is climbing for the second year in a row. Above all she is excited about the potential of change to thousands of lives in Africa. This well means so much to Irene; it is a fulfillment of her purpose and that of the church.

  • $12500
  • $11250
  • $10000
  • $8750
  • $7500
  • $6250
  • $5000
  • $3750
  • $2500
  • $1250
Irene's Recent Public Donations:
  • Andreas Dailey : $250
  • Willie & Patricia Manns : $50
  • Lawrence & Nicole Clark : $50


  1. Arletha Mitchell PULLING FOR YOU!!!!! I WISH I would climb a Mountain! Gives a WHOLE New Meaning to "For Every Mountain you Brought me Over!" LMBO Peace out...and Keep Working Out!!!

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