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Hello climbers! We are so excited to have you on board. This is definitely going to be a climb of a lifetime! As soon as you submit your video vault.

2013 KiliClimb Fundraising Ideas

Primary Fundraising Ideas

Each climber’s personal fundraising page on will be their primary avenue for raising funds for the climb. It will contain your bio along with reasons that you have chosen to embark on this challenge. We cannot stress enough the importance of you making your family, friends, co-workers, Facebook friends, etc. aware of this page.

Secondary Fundraising Ideas

Talk to your church. Ask your church to partner with WorldServe International in their missions giving. You can also ask them to invite a WorldServe International representative to speak at the church to help them raise funds to provide clean water.

Find a Corporate Sponsor(s). Each year companies around the country give more than $10 billion toward charitable causes; a contribution to WorldServe International for your climb goal of $25,000 could be one of them. You don’t know unless you ask. So, ask us for the information about our corporate sponsorship levels for this event and then ask around to see if a business in your community would be interested in participating in this historic event.

Throw a party. Host a WorldServe International Kiliclimb event at your home. This is a great way to inform your neighbors, friends and family about what they can do to help those in need of clean water.  We will supply you with video and print material to get the message out about the need for clean water and the way that they can help you Climb Kili and give water to those in need. 

It’s a holiday. Take advantage of a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas to remind people of the joy of helping others.  If you throw a WorldServe International KiliClimb holiday party, let us know so we can get you materials to help you get the word out.

Birthday. Turn your yearly celebration into an event to raise funds to support your endeavor to climb Kili and to provide H20 for those who desperately need clean water.

Run for Water. Run (or walk)a marathon and raise support for those in need.  Ask your friends and family to give a certain amount for every step you take. (This is also a good way to train for the climb!)

Race for Water. Organize a sporting event for those in your community to raise money for water. Let people know that their efforts are supporting your efforts to provide clean water for people have never tasted a single sip of clean water.

To share your best Do-It-Yourself fundraising ideas and stories, or to bounce an idea off of us, please contact us. We may choose to highlight your fundraising creativity on the or homepage.

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